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For DES 585 BB, 586 BB, 587 BB MG, 588 BB MG / Atlas HP-DS13.
The servo mounting frame for the following servos:
Graupner DES 585 BB
Graupner DES 586 BB
Graupner DES 587 BB MG
Graupner DES 588 BB MG
Hyperion Atlas HP-DS13
width 44.2mm
Height 34.5mm
thickness of the bearing surface approx. 0.4mm
Weight (incl. screws) 2.4g

Servo mounting frames from RCsolutions are characterised by robustness, high precision and easy assembly. Many competition pilots trust RCsolutions servo mounting frames!


Perfect fitting accuracy
Servo can be mounted and removed in the shortest possible time
Servo does not press on the wing shell
Very light
Robust (competitive tested!)
Increases the thickness of the wing required for installation by a few tenths of a millimetre

Technical data

For Servo DES:585BB / 586BB / 587BBMG / 588BBMG
Material Wood


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