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- Powerful S.BUS2 digital servo with metal housing and metal gearbox
- Hi-Voltage
- ball bearing mounted
- High resolution
- High return accuracy
- Low-wear potentiometer
- Water protected

- Operating voltage: 6.0 - 8.4 V
- Actuating speed 60° (7.4 V): 0.12 s
- Torque (7.4 V): 74 kgcm
- Control frequency: 50...300 Hz
- Dimensions: 40,5x21x37,7 mm

The Futaba HPS-A700 is the new high-performance servo for aircraft models. 74 kgcm torque and 0.12 sec/60° operating time at 7.4V are a clear announcement. In addition, a new HPS brushless motor was developed, which remains significantly cooler during operation. Electricity consumption is also significantly lower than before. The new full aluminium housing measures 40.5 x 21 x 37.7 mm.

Programmable by S.BUS2 technology! Of course, all S.BUS2 servos can be connected to conventional receivers with PWM modulation. The servos can be addressed in various ways:

1 Via the S.BUS receiver
2. with the handy SBC-1 programmer
3. via the PC-Link software with the CIU-2 USB adapter
4. at the S.BUS connection of the transmitter

The following parameters can be configured:
- S.BUS channel assignment
- Servo polarity
- Servo type (normal / retractable)
- Soft start (On / Off)
- Mode selection on signal failure Hold or Free
- Soft servo drive (on / off)
- Servo position (servo tester)
- Servo center adjustment +/- 300 µs (approx. 30 degrees)
- Servo speed, 0.39...9 seconds per 45 degrees
- Deadband setting (dead band)
- Servo travel adjustment left and right separate, approx. 50...175%
- starting power
- cushioning
- holding force
- ID storage

Technical data

Bearing ••
Gearbox Type Metal
Torque(7,4V) 74 kg
Speed(60°) 0,12
Weight (g)
Length (mm) 40,5
Width (mm) 21
Height (mm) 37,7
Servo type High Voltage
Gear tooth


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