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Preiswertes Universalservo der Standardgröße mit großem Kraftmoment. Die Abtriebsachse ist mehrfach gelagert, mit einem Kugellager und einem doppelten Speziallager. Ein Spezialpotentiometer sorgt für präzise Positionierung und Neutralstellung.

Futaba Servos have enjoyed great popularity for years due to their high quality and many innovative solutions. The servo line includes servos for almost every application in model making. Many servos are designed without internal wiring. Futaba servo gearboxes are characterized by unsurpassed precision. In some servos, bell-shaped armature motors are used for powerful, fast and powerful servos. Digital servos with microprocessor technology offer higher holding power, shorter response times and 4 times the pulse rate compared to conventional servos. BLS/Brushless motor technology: no brush wear, 30% shorter reaction time, more resistant to vibration and shock, higher efficiency and higher resolution, same power consumption. S-BUS technology with following advantages: fewer cables, lower weight, lighter weight, easier cable routing, easy parallel connection of servos. S. BUS servos can also be operated at the normal PWM receiver output. HV servos can be operated directly with 2S Lithium batteries in the voltage range of 6... 7.4 volts. Due to the higher voltage, the power consumption is lower with the same servo power.

Technical data

Kugelgelagertes Powerservo

Bearing ••
Gearbox Type Plastic
Torque 6,5 kg
Speed(45°) 0,12
Weight (g) 41 g
Length (mm) 40
Width (mm) 20
Height (mm) 38,1
Servo type Analog
Gear tooth


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