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Premium 13mm digital servo of the newest generation

Thanks to the HiTEC D-Series technology, the D85MG, based on the proven HS-5085MG, is a servo that is second to none in terms of response and programming capabilities!
With a 32-bit MCU (Master Control Unit) and a 12-bit ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) technology, the servo offers full programmability.
In addition, there is a stable metal gear and a correspondingly high torque for the ambitious model builder.

- programmable
- High torque
- steel gear
- 1 Ball bearing MR 106
- Long Life Potentiometer

Programmable functions:

- Setting the Endpoint (0°-180°), Neutral (Standard ± 60°)
- Setting the direction of rotation (counterclockwise)
- Setting the dead zone
- Setting the speed (default 100%))
- Set Soft Start (default 20%)
- Setting the Fail Safe Function
- Setting the overload protection (standard off)
- Factory settings can be restored

Technical data

Gearbox Type Metal
Torque 4 kg
Speed(60°) 0,13
Weight (g) 24 g
Length (mm) 29
Width (mm) 13
Height (mm) 30
Servo type Digital
Gear tooth


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