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Nur wo hitec draufsteht ist auch wirklich hitec drin!

  • Programmierbares Servo-Setup für folgende Parameter:

  • Doppelt kugelgelagert
  • Long Life Poti mit Anti-Fading Beschichtung
  • Gold-Kontakt-Stecker
  • Servohorn aus Metall

Excellent quality at a fair price
Sophisticated SMD technology
High positioning forces and high actuating speeds
Robust mechanical construction of the gear unit
Extensive range of accessories
Proven competitive material
D: 32-bit resolution
TW: Titanium, wide voltage (4.8V-8.4V)
SW: steel, wide voltage (4.8V-8.4V)
MW: Metal, wide voltage (4.8V-8.4V)
HSB: Brushless Motor
SGT: Steel gearbox for high torque
PRG: programmable
NRG: low current consumption
TH: Titanium drives - 8,4V
SH: Steel gearbox - 8,4V
MH: Metal gear unit - 8,4V
Bra: Plastic gear unit - 8,4V
TG: Titanium drives with ball bearings
MG: Metal gear unit with ball bearings
HB: Carbonit gearbox with ball bearings
BB: ball bearing mounted
HD: Carbonite transmission
WP: Waterproof
G2: Second Generation

Technical data

Bearing ••
Gearbox Type Metal
Torque 5,5 kg
Speed(60°) 0,12
Weight (g) 32 g
Length (mm) 32,4
Width (mm) 16,8
Height (mm) 30,8
Servo type Digital
Gear tooth Hitec alt


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