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D-series potenti-less wide-voltage servo with
9.1kgcm Actuating force*

Servo from HiTEC, which delivers real power and is nice and easy to use.
is! The properties are outstanding:
- Magnetic Encoder for contactless
Position pickup, wear-free (potenti-less),
- Highest resolution, therefore absolutely exact
- The MD250MW can be used from 4.8 to 8.4 volts,
for all models, where power and a fast reaction of the rudders are required: As
This servo is preferred for large gliders, but is also ideally suited for mid-range helicopters.
Scope of delivery:
Servo incl. aluminium lever


- Magnetic Encoder/Hall Sensor
- highest resolution of the servo path
- Super fine response
- programmable
- High actuating force
- excellent holding power
- metal gear
- 2 ball bearings MR106/MR85
- 25 tooth system at the servo output

Technical data

Bearing ••
Gearbox Type Metal
Torque 6 kg
Speed(60°) 0,16
Weight (g) 31 g
Length (mm) 35
Width (mm) 15
Height (mm) 33
Servo type Digital
Gear tooth


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