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10mm servo with real "steam"! With 3.3kg positioning force at 5V sufficient power is available for hotliners, speed models or similar. At 0.11s it is also really fast.

MARK-STAR Servo-tech is a manufacturer of high-quality servos for the RC and robotics sector.
With the brushless servos and the high voltage servos for 2 cell Lipo batteries, MKS is a big step forward.
into the future. titanium gears, metal housings, coreless and brushless motors as well as high-quality
Electronics create servos of the highest functionality.

Technical data

Bearing ••
Gearbox Type Metal
Torque 3,32kg(5V)
Speed(60°) 0,11(5V)
Weight (g) 9,5 g
Length (mm) 23,5
Width (mm) 10
Height (mm) 22,5
Servo type Digital
Gear tooth


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