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Powerful servo for gliders, jets and electric airplanes
12 x 20 mm coreless motor, highly efficient and durable
9 mm potentiometer with very high resolution
new type of gearbox, minimum backlash and wear

Technical data:
  • Dead band: 0.001 ms (default setting)
  • Working frequency: 1520µs / 333hz
  • Operating voltage: 5.5 - 8.4 V DC
  • Actuating speed (6V): 0.17 sec/60° without load
  • Actuating speed (7.4V): 0.14 sec./60° without load
  • Actuating speed (8.2V): 0.13 sec./60° without load
  • actuating torque (6V): 11.8 kg.cm
  • actuating torque (7.4V): 13.8 kg.cm
  • actuating torque (8.2V): 15 kg.cm
  • Max. current increase: 2.6A (8.2V) - 2.4A (7.4V) - 2A (6.0V)

Engine type: Coreless engine (ironless)
Potentiometer drive: Indirect drive
Bearing type: 2-fold ball bearing
Gearbox type: chrome titanium gearbox
Housing: completely made of aluminium
Programmability: NO
Cable length: 29.5 mm

Dimensions: 35.5 x 15 x 28.5 mm
Weight: 38.55 g

Technical data

Gearbox Type Titan
Weight (g) 38,5
Length (mm) 35,5
Width (mm) 15
Height (mm) 28,5
Servo type Digital
Gear tooth


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