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Technical data:
Type Standard
Analog (A) yes
Motor 3-pole
Bearing 2
Speed 60° (sec) 6V 0.12
Speed 60° (sec.) 7,4V 0,1
Actuating force (KG) 6V 3
Force (KG) 7.4V 3.5
Weight (grams) 36
L (mm) 40.8
B (mm) 20.1
H (mm) 38
Cable 300mm
Connector JR/Futaba
Teeth 25
Operating temperature in °C -10° to +50° C
Working angle 45° one-sided 500µsec
Power consumption 6.0V 20mA standby, 160mA idle
Power consumption 7.4V 20mA standby, 200mA idle
Power consumption standstill 6.0V 0.8A
Power consumption standstill 7.4V 0.9A
Dead band 4 µsec
Pulse (PWM) 1500 µsec

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Technical data

Bearing ••
Gearbox Type Plastic
Torque(7,4V) 3,5
Speed 0,1
Weight (g) 36
Length (mm) 40,8
Width (mm) 20,1
Height (mm) 38
Servo type Analog
Gear tooth


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