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USB interface for the aeroflyRC7!

- For connecting your own RC remote control to the aeroflyRC7
- With group signal connection
- Prepared for connection Connection of the single line converter for wireless flying
- Depending on the remote control used, an additional adapter is required

Simply connect this USB interface to a free USB port on your computer. It is automatically detected by your computer and can be used for both the download and the DVD version of the aeroflyRC7.
It transmits all control functions to the computer. You can also use it to control all special functions such as retractable landing gear and landing flaps.
With this USB interface you can fly all models in the aeroflyRC7 with your own RC remote control.

wireless flying:
If you have a receiver with group signal output, you can connect the USB interface to the USB interface via a short patch cable and fly wirelessly. The control signals are first transmitted from the RC transmitter via the radio link to the receiver and then to the computer via a short patch cable and the USB interface.

Suitable for single line converters:
If you want to fly wirelessly with any 2.4 GHz receiver, you can also connect our single line converter (B-No. 88645) to the USB interface. It then establishes the connection between the USB interface and any RC receiver.

Additional adapters for the different sender types:
The USB interface comes standard with a cable and 3.5 mm jack plug for connection to an RC transmitter. Depending on the RC transmitter, a separate adapter may be required.

Please note the notes for the adapters with the No. 61611 or No. 36352.

Note on Graupner HoTT systems:
According to Graupner, the connection of a jack plug to the current Graupner HoTT transmitters is not permitted. For owners of the Graupner HoTT systems we therefore recommend the "USB HoTT interface set" with art. no. # 3031020.

Technical data

For transmitter
Operating System Windows/MAC
Version Interface

Box Contents

- USB interface with cable and 3.5 mm jack plug.
- (Note: The packaging and case color of the USB interface may differ.)


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