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Would you like to try RC model flying for free? No problem. Here is our tip for boundless flying fun, for which you don't have to pay a cent and which is still exciting and in a realistic 3D landscape. MULTIPLEX offers you the high-quality MULTIflight flight simulator. As a suitable exercise platform for an easy and playful introduction to the hobby of model flying. Before you decide to buy, you have the opportunity to test various multiplex helicopters and flight models extensively and realistically.

The 3D landscape shows you the scene of a typical model airfield. The simulator can be controlled by a joystick, a game controller or an RC transmitter via interface. MULTIPLEX M-LINK users can control their model wirelessly on their PC with the MULTIflight Stick. With MULTIflight you can refine your flying skills without anything breaking.

All models have a very realistic flight behaviour, which you can experience especially in flight boundary conditions such as: stall, torques, stall/tear-off behaviour. For more possibilities you can simply expand the flight simulator to the PLUS version: further models and flight scenes (Zugspitze, MFC Salzburg or Red Cliff on Sylt). The simulator parameters can then also be freely adjusted: Wind force, wind direction, upwind and thermal upwinds.

- Great flying fun in a realistic 3D landscape
- Typical viewing angle of a model pilot
- Detailed Models
- Very realistic flight characteristics
- Languages: German, English, French
- Regularly new models, flight scenes and extensions to download

Technical data

For transmitter Joystick,Gamecontroller,RC-Sender
Operating System Windows
Version mit Interface

Box Contents

- Simulator MULTIflight PLUS CD (with unlock code) more settings, models, flight scenes)
- MULTIflight Stick (for wireless operation with any Multiplex M-LINK remote control)
- operating manual

Since their founding in 1958, Multiplex has developed top RC Radio Systems for the RC Industry! With the current 2,4 GHz Technology M-LINK and telemetry system, Multiplex has put itself in front of the RC Industry in Germany. Since the early 2000s Multiplex began producing finished models made from Elapor, a high-tech particle foam, which setted a milestone im the RC Airplane, as well as in the Helicopter (Funcopter) sectors. Since 2002, Multiplex has been owned by the south korean HiTEC group and has become one of the leading RC manufacturers in the world!


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