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RealFlight® is the #1 RC flight simulator in the world! It's the absolute best way to become a successful RC pilot. In addition, experienced RC pilots can practice new maneuvers and improve their skills to become even better.

With more than 160 different aircraft - including airplanes, helicopters, drones and more - in over 40 different locations and the ability to edit aircraft and locations, there are almost infinite flight options available. Add playful challenges to make flight training even more fun, multiplayer capabilities to fly and compete online with other pilots, compatibility with VR headsets and many, many more features, and you have everything you need to succeed on the airfield - because you can "fly" almost anywhere at home on a PC or laptop!

RealFlight® 9 adds even more exciting features to the world's leading RC flight simulator, including Eli Field, a dozen new planes, updated lessons for virtual instructors, and the all-new range ™ InterLink® DX Controller!

RealFlight 9 includes more than a dozen new aircraft * from E-flite®, HobbyZone®, Hangar 9® and Blade®:

-HobbyZone® Carbon Cub S+ 1.3m with technology SAFE Plus
-E-flite Viper 70mm EDF with AS3X® and SAFE Select Technologies
-E-flite Havoc Xe 80mm EDF with AS3X and SAFE Select Technologies
-E-flite Timber® X 1.2m with AS3X and SAFE Select Technologies
-E-flite Extra 300 3D 1.3m with AS3X and SAFE Select Technologies

-E-flite® Apprentice® STS 1.5m with SAFE® Technologies
-E-flite EC-1500™ Twin 1.5m with AS3X and SAFE Select technologies
-E-flite Delta Ray® One with SAFE® Technologies
-Hangar 9® CubCrafters XCub 60cc
-Hangar 9 P-51D Mustang 20cc
-Hangar 9 Valiant 10cc
-Blade® 230 S V2 Helicopter with SAFE® Technologies
-and plus encore!

*Please make sure you activate and update your RF9 online to get the latest versions of these planes.

New RealFlight® 9 features:
-More than a dozen new Horizon hobby planes!
-Fly on the latest PhotoField ™ - the legendary Eli Field from Horizon Hobby
-Updated lessons for virtual flight instructors for new pilots learning to fly
-New Spectrum ™ InterLink® DX Controller

Additional RealFlight Features
industry-leading True-To-Life ™ -physics that make every flight more lifelike than any other simulation
-A simple and intuitive user interface for a learning curve without problems and for more fun
-More than 160 aircraft, including airplanes, helicopters, drones and more
-Over 40 different airfields, including 3D airfields and PhotoFields
-FlexiField ™ Site Editor, so you can make airfields your own
-The ability to edit airplanes and import custom airplanes
play-like challenges that make flight training entertaining and interactive
-multiplayer options that let you fly online or compete with other pilots
-Compatible with VR headsets, including Oculus ™ Rift and HTC® Vive ™ VR headsets (sold separately)
-Compatible with Spektrum Wireless Simulator Dongles for use with compatible DSM2 / DSMX remote controls (sold separately)

Features of the new Spektrum™ InterLink® DX Simulator Controller:
-Spectrum-style remote controls with all the standard switches and functions, so you can fly just like on your remote control
-Patent pending gimbal design with spring configuration switch for easy switching and flying of Mode 1, 2, 3 or 4
-Exclusive Reset / Rewind button to repeat your best maneuvers or reset after crashes
-Simple and convenient control of most simulator functions directly from the controller
-With the integrated sliders, drone pilots can zero their cameras to get the best shots.
-15-channel function for effortless control of all available functions
-Prevents wear and tear on your flight transmitter
-Optional adapter cable/cable set sold separately (RFL1015) to use other popular transmitters equipped with a compatible teacher/student jack through Interlink DX

Box Contents

-(2) RealFlight 9 DVDs*
-(1) Spektrum™ InterLink® DX Simulator Controller
-(1) Realflight Installation Guide


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