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The DUPLEX R7 nano EX receiver combines many servo outputs, together with extremely small dimensions. The R7 nano EX is perfect for use in small/very light models and is equipped with a 32mm antenna. R7 nano EX is the lightest receiver of the duplex system, weight is 1 gram (2g with heat shrink). There are no connectors for the servos, all servo cables can be soldered directly to the board. This saves weight and unnecessary plugs when extreme lightweight construction is important.

- Telemetry: Yes
- Operating temperature[°C]: -10 ... 85
- Compatible protocols: DUPLEX 2.4GHz EX, EX Bus
- Antenna length[mm]: 1 x 32
- Supply voltage[V]: 3.2 - 8.4
- Average current[mA]: 30
- Satellite receiver support: No
- Output power[dBm]: 6
- Sensitivity[dBm]: -98
- possible serial output: PPM pos./neg., EX Bus, UDI, JETI Box

Technical data

Channels 7
L/W/H [mm] 30/18/5
Weight [g] 1


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