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CA-Booster is a high end power booster powder specially designed for superglue. It allows mixing into a high-performance adhesive with a consistency known from 2-component resins, for example. The combination of instant adhesive with power powder results in a considerably expanded range of applications with simultaneous increase in performance.
The ingredients are finely tuned high-performance polymers with glass fibre bridges for extreme stability. CA-Booster is therefore a glass fibre reinforced system plastic in powder form, which develops an enormous adhesive strength in connection with CA products. The viscosity of the instant adhesive determines the processing time and the curing time.
Adhesives with CA-Booster convince by an extreme adhesion, impact strength and tensile strength. It ensures highly stable connections, even with gap dimensions, adhesive seams and material flaws.
The system advantages of the CA Booster:
Compared to the 2-component adhesives available on the market, which must be mixed very precisely, the CA Booster does not require an exact mixing ratio. This greatly facilitates the application and leaves considerable scope for determining the processing time and consistency. CA-Booster adhesives show extreme adhesion, impact strength and tensile strength.
Compared to the superglues, which are very well suited for small two-dimensional bonding, the CA-Booster powder proves its qualities especially with gap dimensions, adhesive seams and material flaws.

Simple in use:
Just put some superglue into a mixing vessel and mix it with the powder in about equal parts. A gelling process begins after just a few minutes. Now apply the adhesive gel quickly to the clean and grease-free adhesive area. The viscosity of the instant adhesive determines the working time. The processing time for low-viscosity instant adhesives is approx. 5 minutes. When using medium and high-viscosity instant adhesives, these times are individually extended. A commercially available activator spray can be used to accelerate the curing process. Workable after approx. 3-4 hours, the final strength is reached after 24 hours.


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