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- medium viscosity
- Colour: transparent, colourless
- Temperature resistance from -50 to +80°C
- Hand strength approx. 10 - 120 seconds

MD GLUE XTREME! The new generation cyanoacrylate adhesive! Newly developed production method for bonding different material connections (metal, rubber, wood, cardboard, ceramics as well as most plastics) with and among each other. Despite residual flexibility, MD GLUE XTREME achieves very high strengths with most materials. All XTREME adhesives are ISEGA certified (ISEGA No. 40680 U 15), label free and NSF registered.
- No efflorescence
- Odourless
- No marking
- Remains flexible
- High temperature resistance
- No impairment of electronic components
- Very high adhesive strength
- Top impact resistance
- Good moisture resistance

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