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2-component epoxy adhesive
MD POX is a very reactive chemical compound. After mixing, the two-components the adhesive achieves extraordinary strength.
For bonding metals, ceramics, glass, stone and lot of hard plastics. It is suitable for many on-the-spot repairs with high quality and little effort. Easy handling thanks to the automatically regulated two-injection system.

  • Achieves extremely high strength
  • Universally applicable
  • Weatherproof
  • Hardening in 5 minutes
  • Also suitable as a casting compound
  • Pot life: available in 5 minutes

MD POX remains stiffly flexible and can therefore guarantee permanent rigidity in case of impacts or vibration.

The parts have to be clean and free of oil and grease. Roughing the surface increases the strength of the bond. Initial hardening is achieved after 5-10 minutes. Final hardening occurs after 24 hours. Do not work at outdoor temperatures below +5°C.

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