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EP-Gelcoat colourless
Transparent, dyeable with EP-colour pastes
-thixotropic (non-expiring)
Manufactured under vacuum, therefore optimum air bubble-free and homogeneous
Not UV-resistant (yellowed = darkens slightly). May become cloudy due to exposure to water

Colorless, non-set-up topcoat resin for fine layers (outer layer of laminates), dyeable with epoxy paint pastes.
Consumption approx. 0.3 kg/m
Processing with hardener S (20 min), L (40 min) and EPH 161 (90 min, increased heat resistance)

New, improved hardener quality: free of nonylphenol and benzyl alcohol. Hardens from 5 °C (low temperature hardener).

Technical data

Mixing ratio: 100:38 parts by weight resin:hardener
Working time: depending on hardener
Gelling time: approx. 1.5 h/20 °C
Curing time: 24 h/20 °C

Quantity 690 g
Contents of packaging 500g Gelcoat + 190g Härter L


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