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High end lubricant for highly loaded gears in the model making sector. Especially suitable for gearboxes of model helicopters, RC cars, trucks, model trains and servos. Can also be used for shafts and gimbal systems of all kinds. Extremely pressure-resistant and excellent adhesion. Very low tendency to bind dust and dirt.

DryFluid Exteme - Innovative lubricant for RC model making! DryFluid Extreme was specially developed for model making with radio remote control with the aim of maintaining or significantly extending the functionality and service life of these mechanical marvels. The effect of the new lubricant for shafts, bearings, guides and ball heads begins where other lubricants show their limits. Lowest sliding friction, highest lubricating effect and lowest dust and dirt binding were the main goals of the development. The latest findings in aviation and vehicle technology as well as the experience of model builders are the innovation sponsors of the new lubricant.

What is DryFluid Extreme?
DryFluid is more of a lubricant than a classic lubricant. DryFluid is not a wax, is not oily, is not greasy and is free of silicones. By using dry particles, sliding polymers and high-end sliding fluids, a previously unknown lubricating effect is achieved without binding dust or dirt. The application and long-term effect of DryFluid Extrem will inspire every model maker.

DryFluid Extreme product properties:
  • Reduces the power losses of shafts, bearings and ball head systems and guarantees a long life of the treated components
  • Lowest sliding friction for smoothness and reduction of wear
  • Multi-stage lubricant system with immediate and long-term lubrication effects
  • Does not bind dust and dirt
  • Extremely good creeping properties
  • Highest material compatibility with all common metals, plastics and rubber materials
  • Excellent adhesion and corrosion protection properties

Technical data

The application of DryFluid Extreme:
The main effect of DryFluid Extreme is the reduction of friction and thus wear of shafts, bearings, guides and ball joints. The dry components used do not bind dust and dirt and guarantee optimum long-term lubrication effects.
For the best possible effect, clean the parts to be treated thoroughly and apply the agent sparingly. Repeated use increases the long-term effect.
Shake bottle briefly and vigorously before use!

Box Contents

  • 10 ml
  • dosing tip
  • dosing cannula for point-exact use
  • fine hair brush for flat application


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