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High-quality mineral oil with first-class additives. Its degree of chemical optimization for extraordinary performance is absolutely unique. Versatility and long-term functional reliability make this product one of the best in its category.

  • Sprays in all positions (ball valve)
  • never resinifies or sticks, free of acids, sulphur and silicone
  • very high creep resistance, UV-resistant
  • reduces friction, temperatures and wear
  • tested rust and corrosion protection
  • high temperature resistant (-35°C to +500°C)
  • neutral to plastics and sealing materials

Clean long-term lubrication with high corrosion protection and optimum creep resistance. Penetrates even the most inaccessible lubrication points. Lubrication of all moving parts made of metal and plastic, especially in dusty areas such as wood, textile and paper processing, remains clean and protected, does not bind dust. As cutting and cooling agent for metal and plastic cutting and chipless processing, as release agent in injection and casting moulds.

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400 ml


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