• Description


  • einmalige Verarbeitungseigenschaften
  • auf- und abbügelbar, ohne die Folie zu beschädigen
  • kraftstoffest
  • bis 250°C temperaturbeständig
  • wirft auch nach längerer Zeit keine Falten od.Blasen
  • fast unzerstörbare Farbschicht
  • Heissiegelkleberb ab 100-120°C aktiviert, daher auch für Styrokerne unbedenklich in der Verarbeitung
  • überlackierbar

Mengenabgabe in 1lfm Einheiten!

ORACOVER® model making films that leave nothing to be desired.

High-quality model making films on polyester basis, produced according to a worldwide patented process for unsurpassed quality.

The film is characterized by unique processing properties:
- can be opened and removed - in case of processing errors you always have a second chance
- high gloss, non-yellowing
- fuel resistant
- temperature resistant up to 250 °C
- recoatable with all our ORACOLOR® lacquers
- particularly high adhesive strength
- structure-reinforcing

Applied according to the instructions, ORACOVER® does not blister or wrinkle.

The ORACOVER® standard color range comprises 28 colors which have been very popular for years.

Technical data

Iron-on foil: 64 - 109 g... per shade
Roll width: 60 cm

Color-No. 10
Color whitely
1 linear meter 82319
2 linear meter 82320
3 linear meter 82321
10 linear meter 82318
Quantity 1 m


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