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Presto Light Filler is a combination of novel mineral and synthetic fillers which provide this putty
with its particular features: Particular elasticity enables use in repair areas that are, e.g. subject to
extreme stress and vibrations, even at low temperatures.

Product properties
  • Sanding possible after approx. 30 minutes · Hardener required: 2 - 4 %
  • Flashpoint: approx. 33°C · Density at 20°C: 0.85 kg/dm
  • Resistant to: acids, alkalis, propellants, solvents
  • Temperature resistance: 180°C when material is hardened
  • Application areas
  • Chassis (even plastic bodies) · Weld seams and folds
  • Shipbuilding: Boats and surfboards · Model making
  • Repairs to powder coating layers

Technical data

Quantity Dose 125g+Härter


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