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  • Produces light, thixotropic fillings
  • For epoxy, polyester and polyurethane resins

Field of application:
Production of light, non-leaking adhesives and free-flowing moulding compounds as well as coupling layers in mould construction, using a mixture of 50% by volume glass fibre chips and 50% by volume cotton flocks. Cotton flocks increase the dimensional stability as well as the impact and abrasion resistance of the moulding materials. Very suitable for epoxy, polyester and polyurethane resins as well as rubber compounds. Good chemical resistance (also alkalis). Very inexpensive, low weight. 5 litres cotton flocks = 1 kg

Appearance: white flocks, fiber length: approx. 350 µm (typically 150-500 µm), fiber diameter: 10-25 µm (1-3 denier), specific weight: 1.5 g/cm³, carbonized at 120 °C, decomposition at 150 °C, tensile strength up to approx. 800 N/mm².
Insoluble in acetone, dimethylformamide or 40 % NaOH, water absorption approx. 0.3 g per g cotton flock.

The volume information serves for a better idea of the delivery quantity. This is the amount of loose bulk material. During transport and storage, the contents of the container may become denser.

Technical data

Quantity 200 g


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