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Cut glass fiber as filler for epoxy and polyester resins. Significantly increases the strength of the moulding materials. Add to resin as desired. Field of application: fibre fillers and moulding compounds, plastic plasters, putties, adhesives, corrosion protection coatings, asbestos replacement.
Field of application:
Fibre spatulas and moulding compounds, plastic plasters, putties, adhesives, anticorrosive coatings, asbestos substitutes.
  • 0,2 mm length
  • Fast, easy wetting
  • For epoxy, polyester and vinyl ester resins

Fibre type E glass, round fibre cross-section, fibre thickness 9-14 µm, specific weight 2.53-2.55 g/cm³, continuous dry heat resistance approx. 315 °C, softening temperature approx. 840 °C, moisture in supplied form max. 0.3 %, colour white.

Average fibre length 230 µm, longest fibre 1300 µm, bulk density 450 g/l, ramming volume 190ml/100 g, flowability still good.

Fiber length distribution < 125 µm > 30 %, < 250 µm > 70 %

light resistance, weather resistance, ageing resistance = good
Acid resistance = good, alkali resistance = conditionally resistant, solvent resistance = good, swelling value in water = 0

Size: Silane base 0.5-1.5 %.

Technical data

Quantity 200 g

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Glasfaser gemahlen 0,2 mm


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