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The guys at Flite Test are incredibly excited about their new foam; and so are we. The best way to describe the FT Foam Board is to use the original wording: "This stuff is AWESOME!". The foam is covered with water-repellent paper. This gives the material optimum protection against rain, moisture, fog, waterfalls... The paper cover allows individual design and painting of the models. At the same time, the material remains perfectly workable. Cut, shape, carve - build your own thing. Despite its low weight, the material is incredibly stable and tough.
Try it out! Let your imagination run wild! Build your thing!

The box consists of 50 FT Foam Board panels of approx. 75 x 50 cm (30 x 20 inch).

Who doesn't know them? The crazy boys from Ohio were able to establish a fan community of people from all over the world in a very short time and they enjoy great popularity with all age groups. As of now you can find a large choice of Flite Test assemblies and accessoires with Modellbau Lindinger. You describe the models with the original wording best: »This stuff is AWESOME!«


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