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VEC round tube pullwinded! Pull-winded carbon fibre tube with longitudinal fibre orientation (unidirectional), additionally reinforced with torsion layers. The pull-winding process is a further development of the pultrusion process (continuous drawing process), in which the reinforcing fibres are wound onto the UD layers by rotating winding devices. Tubes produced in this way are much higher quality than purely extruded tubes, since the additional torsion layers increase both the compressive strength and the torsional stiffness of the tubes.

VEC™-CFK (vinyl ester resin carbon) - are produced in pultrusion/pull-winding, fibre winding and wet-pressing processes. Vinylester is a combination of epoxy resin and polyester resin. Outstanding properties are high temperature resistance and chemical resistance combined with very good mechanical properties. Tolerances: Straightness deviation max. 2 mm/m. This maximum value is usually not reached.

Technical data

Outer-Ø 14 mm
Bore-Ø 12 mm
Length 1 m


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