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The optimal protection for LiPo batteries: Pyrobubbles

With Pyrobubbles® Lipo batteries can be stored or transported completely safely in any condition. There is no need to worry about an unwanted fire. Pyrobubbles® are suitable, for example, for laying out an existing battery case or container with a basic Pyrobubbles® filling and transferring the batteries with Pyrobubbles® for storage or transport.

Especially with larger Lipo Packs, the unprotected transport of Lipos in vehicles is often not permitted by law, because the energy density and the total permissible proportion of lithium is quickly exceeded when several batteries are transported. With Pyrobubbles® this problem is a thing of the past.

What are Pyrobubbles®?

With the product portfolio Pyrobubbles® and LionGuard® from Genius Technologie GmbH, Tomahawk offers effective protection for the storage and transport of Lipo batteries. The filler Pyrobubbles® consists of silicon dioxide and prevents a thermal instability of a Lipo battery from triggering a fire by absorbing the electrolyte and cooling the battery. Pyrobubbles® have proven to be a very effective extinguishing agent in a Lipo fire, while sand and powder have proven to be unsuitable.

How does Pyrobubbles® work?

For storage, the LiPo batteries are surrounded with Pyrobubbles® cushions or loose Pyrobubbles@ and stored in the patented Tomahawk LiPo LionGuard® safe. The LiPo safe can store a maximum number of batteries that can be properly surrounded from all sides with Pyrobubbles®. The LiPo safe is approved for the safe transport of LiPo batteries in road traffic according to the ADR transport regulations. LiPo batteries can be stored in it in any condition (including defective batteries) and also safely charged.

Pyrobubbles® and LionGuard® are registered trademarks of Genius Technologie GmbH

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