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R/C safety ignition switch for smoke cartridges, rocket propellants and additional functions. Safety was a top priority in the development of the ignition switch. Unintentional triggering is thus excluded, regardless of whether it is a matter of interference or operating errors when switching the transmitter or receiver on or off. It is ideal for igniting bridge igniters. They can also be connected in series to trigger several detonators at the same time. A test current indicates whether the external power supply is connected and the ignition circuit is closed. The external power supply can be 1.5 - 12 volts. A jumper can be used to select Single mode for electric igniters or Multi mode for switching other additional functions on and off.

  • Short-circuit detection: current > 5 A; time > 0.2 sec.
  • Remote control switch-on delay: 0.5 sec.
  • Ignition power supply: 9 V block (alkaline)
  • Alternative power supply: 1.5 - 12 Volt
  • Max. load current (ignition current): 5 A
  • Current consumption electronics: < 8 mA
  • Ignition delay: 1.2 sec.
  • Number of igniters: no limit
  • Voltage per bridge fuse: 2 V
  • Weight without cable: 8 g
  • L/W/H: 33.5/21.6/4.7 mm
  • Test current: < 10 µA


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