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moulding resin P
Hard elastic, edge resistant
Very good grinding and polishing properties
Thixotropic (non-expiring)
Manufactured under vacuum, therefore optimal air bubble-free and homogeneous

Black coloured epoxy resin for top coats (application thickness 0.5-1 mm) in mould construction. High edge strength, very good polishability. Moulding resin P is processed and cured at room temperature. It can be used as a top layer in combination with epoxy resin laminates or with laminating ceramics. In contrast to metal-filled systems, the surfaces can be polished. The surface layer is hard-elastic, i. e. not brittle, has good edge strength, but is not styrene resistant and therefore cannot be used in conjunction with UP pregelat.

Consumption: approx. 0.5-1 kg/m

hardener EPH 161-P
Mixing ratio: 100:17 parts by weight resin: hardener
Processing time: 90 minutes (100 g preparation at 20 °C)
Gelling time: approx. 4 h (1 mm application at 20 °C)
Curing: 24 h at 23 °C, then heat curing (with the backbone) approx. 15 h at at least 40 °C

Further heat curing improves both the mechanical and chemical properties and is recommended by us (> 40 °C / 15 h). A heating rate of < 10 K/h is recommended to avoid warping and marking of the fabric structure.

Maximum heat deflection temperature after tempering (15 h at 100 °C): approx. 120 °C

Negative moulds for hand and vacuum laminates
Vacuum deep-drawing moulds
RTM forms

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Quantity 1,17 kg
Contents of packaging 1kg Formenharz P + 170g Härter EPH 161

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1,17 kg


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