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  • All filaments are absolutely parallel, not turned to the right or left, so that the properties of each individual fiber are fully utilized to give the composite excellent physical-mechanical properties.
  • The thickness is constant over the entire width of the fabric.
  • All physical parameters have a very strict tolerance
  • Filaments are held in place by very thin (76 dtex) adhesive thread meshes of polyester (3.5 g/m², one-sided).
  • The surface of the fibres is smooth and thus simplifies processing.

field of application:
Coatings and laminates in model making, sandwich components, technical components which are mainly stressed by bending. Advantages of the material: almost 100% utilisation of the fibre properties, above all significantly higher compressive strength than fabric; higher fibre content possible, any blanks without fraying. Back side with carrier foil for peeling.

Calculated data for hand lay-ups with 45 vol. % fibers:
resin consumption: 23 g/m², laminate thickness: 0.04 mm, laminate weight: 53 g/m²

Technical data

Fiber: Torayca® T700 SC 12k
roll width: 50 cm

Menge 2 lfm

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2 m


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