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For architects, designers, artists, prototype construction, insulation and last but not least for classical model making (train, plane, ship).

For separating styrofoam, rigid foam, polyurethane, PU foam and thermoplastic films. The cutting wire temperature is pre-selected to suit the material with the practical rotary knob and is kept constant electronically while working with the machine. In addition to the screw clamp, the scope of delivery includes a spool with 30 m cutting wire Ø 0.2 mm.

For cutting polystyrene or hard foam, hot wire cutters are vastly superior to all other tools such as knives and saws. It is important to determine the correct temperature depending on the material and thickness. This can be done according to feeling and practice. An optimal cutting pattern is usually achieved at medium temperature and moderate pressure.

Technical data:
230 V. 50/60 Hz. 50 W. Secondary voltage max. 40 V, 1.2 A. Cutting wire temperature for wire Ø 0.2 mm adjustable from 100 - 350 °C. Weight 850 g. The device is insulated according to class 2.


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