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For shrinking hoses (many devices on the market are too large for this) and 1,000 other jobs.
For forming and welding plastics, soldering and desoldering electrical components, for removing layers of paint and varnish without chemical stripping, for drying and accelerating hardening processes (adhesives, paints), for applying and removing films (stickers), for browning wood. Housing made of glass fibre reinforced POLYAMID with soft components in the handle area and shelves for stationary use. A powerful heating element ensures a constant temperature in 2 stages at an air flow rate of 180 l/min. Built-in thermostat for safety against overheating. Stainless steel nozzle. With 3 attachable nozzles.

Technical data

Air temp. level 1
Air temp. level 2
Air volume (aprox.)
Weight (aprox.)

Box Contents

- heat gun
- 1 point nozzle
- 1 flat nozzle
- 1 reflector nozzle


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