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This is the Mini Table Vise (Plastic) from UStar, manufacturers of high quality tools and measuring instruments. Unlike the metal vise this vise comes with plastic body for use on objects requiring little force and no damage while clamping. This is a small and handy tool a hobbyists can make use of with unlimited imagination. Human fingers are limited to holding objects but when it comes to gripping for a long time they fail and hence the Mini Table Vise comes in handy, it is designed to hold almost any type of small object regard of shape. Modelers and Hobbyists seldom work with small and micro parts difficult to hold or clamp. The Mini Table Vise will hold your part securely while you concentrate on your job and also ensure that the part is not damaged due to excessive clamping force. Its that easy, no more fingers getting hurt.

This vise is made from high quality plastic, small and compact size, easily fits into your tool box too. The convenient plastic pins on the top make gripping of circular objects easy and a spring loaded Steel knurled thumbnut provides the clamping force required. This vise has a two way clamping action for use with circular objects like BLDC motors, where you can clamp or expand using plastic pins. This is a maintenance free tool and will give years of service. Get one today. A must have tool for modelers and DIY hobbyists!
    •Flat top design•Small size, good for handheld use•High quality plastic•Spring loaded Knurled Steel Thumb Nut for clamping•Plastic pins on face for clamping round objects•2 way clamping action by closing or expanding.•Good for use on BLDC motors and delicate parts•Maintenance free and rugged

Included with the package:
    •U-STAR Mini Table Vise (Yellow Plastic) x 1

    •Material: HD Plastic•Weight: 71g•Dimensions: 66.55x45.48x36.57mm•Color: Yellow

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