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Now go hands free and do complex solder jobs easily with the Hyperion Hexa Helping Hands Heavy-Duty Soldering Holder Aid Station. This tool is designed for making it easy to hold all your components together while freeing up your hands for complex soldering jobs. Features a solid aluminum base, for stability, with six flexible and detachable arms for easy storing. The flexible arm features a Universal ball socket design which gives it a 6-axis freedom of movement, allowing to hold components at any angle you want. Each arm is fitted with an alligator clip making it easy to hold components, wires etc. A 5V, 3A regulator plate with XT60 female connector is fitted on the base with a USB output to power the 5V fan for blowing away harmful solder fumes and also aid in cooling solder joints.

The Purple finish Aluminum alloy base comes with a three central pockets to keep your components handy, ready for soldering and also have neat precision machined holes with diameter 2 to 15mm for holding bullet connectors. Also cutouts provided to hold Dean style "T" connectors, XT60 and XT90 connectors for easy handsfree soldering. A spring coiled soldering gun holder also provided on one side. Simply press fit the flexible arms in the holes provided on the base and twist to set your angle. Plug in a 2-3S lipo to power the USB output and the station is ready, making for a complete one place soldering assemby station. Go Handsfree and no more burning fingers!
  • Purple finish solid Aluminum alloy base
  • 6 arms with universal Ball socket design and alligator clip
  • 3 central pockets on base for holding components handy
  • Holes for holding bullet connectors from 2-15mm
  • Press fit and Detachable arms, for easy storing
  • USB powered fan, to blow away soldering fumes and aid in cooling
  • Cut out to hold Dean, XT60 & XT90 connectors
  • XT60 female connector on base to power USB output
  • 5V, 3A regulator plate installed


  • Material: Aluminum alloy, plastic
  • Base size: 140x400x10mm
  • Universal joint arm length: 300mm (Alligator clip included)
  • Aluminum alloy base color: Purple
  • Input voltage: 2-3S Lipo
  • Output voltage: 5V, 3A (USB)
  • Product weight: 580g
  • Packing weight: 590g
  • Product size: 140x100x12mm
  • Packing size: 195x105x135mm

Note: Plug in a 2-3S Lipo to power the USB output. The flexible arms have a Universal ball socket design with a stiff joint, hence it will stay put at the any angle once set.

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