R&G Pet Foil Mylar A 350 100 cm roll 10m

Product number: 9777577
Manufacturer number: 3904035
EAN-Code: 4901331513183


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Description "R&G Pet Foil Mylar A 350 100 cm roll 10m"
The Mylar® A 350 offered by R&G is a flexible, strong and resistant film made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate). The material has good heat and cold resistance and is largely resistant to solvents.

  • Wide temperature range (-250 °C to +250 °C)
  • High mechanical stability
  • Extreme aging and chemical resistance
  • Residue-free removal after use
  • 350 µm (0.35 mm) Thickness

Mylar® A 350 is suitable as a carrier film for wet laminates and coatings. It leaves a glossy, smooth surface during moulding. The film is translucent (translucent), lettering, fabric structures etc. directly underneath are visible.

In our experience, no release agent is required for thick laminates with epoxy resin or styrene-containing products (polyester, vinyl ester). With very thin laminates or under pressure, the top layer may stick in places.

We therefore recommend the use of release agents to ensure optimum demoulding. All products offered by R&G are suitable, i.e. Formula Five® release paste, release spray and primer wax + PVA.