High quality remote control systems and RC electronics from Graupner

Graupner was founded in 1930 in Stuttgart, Germany, and has been largely responsible for the popularity and rapid development in the modeling industry.
The company's globally popular products include innovative 2.4GHz remote control systems with safe hopping telemetry transmission high frequency (HoTT) section, as well as an extensive range of RC electronics.
In addition to the groundbreaking charging technology, the pioneering controllers of the "Brushless Control+" series as well as the high-quality "DES Servos" are widely used.
Since February 2020, the traditional Graupner brand has been distributed by Robbe Modellsport in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.
A new service center in Germany also guarantees an uncomplicated supply in case of repair.
Classic wooden construction kits such as "Der kleine Uhu" have also recently become available again in revised versions.