IKARUS AeroFly RC8 DVD incl. RC SimConnector

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Description "IKARUS AeroFly RC8 DVD incl. RC SimConnector"
The legitimate successor of aeroflyRC7 presents itself as a completely revised flight simulator with great new models, ingenious new 4D scenes, innovative technical highlights and many new features.

Here are just a few of the highlights that make the change from RC7 to aeroflyRC8.

VR technology (Virtual Reality)
FPV City,
FPV course
over 40 new models
autogyros, motor kites, Flettner rotowing
Helis, scale, jets, gliders, aerobatics - all branches of model flying!
Airfield radar
4D scenes
New flight physics engine for more agile 3D models as well as more direct response in cunning flight maneuvers and to turbulence or thermals.

The developers of IPACS have left no stone unturned and thus we proudly present what is currently technically feasible in terms of RC simulation.

Fly on your PC monitor with all branches of model flight in high resolution photo scenes, move freely through 4D photo scenes or fly with the same software with your VR headset and experience a completely new feeling and immerse yourself in the scene!

Check out the IKARUS website now for all the features, the new models and details about the VR technology

This item #3091016 is a set consisting of:

- aeroflyRC8 on DVD for Windows #3091001
- IKARUS RC SimConnctor #3031100

You can connect one of your Futaba receivers to the SimConnector and thereby fly wirelessly via your transmitter on the aeroflyRC8.
You can transmit up to 12 transmitter channels to the simualtor.
During the calibration in the aeroflyRC8 the channels are read in and you can take over your control mode 1 to 4.

Contents of the aeroflyRC8 version on DVD

- 246 models / 54 sceneries / 8x 4D sceneries
- Normal mode for PC monitor
- 3D mode for VR headsets (Virtual Reality)
- FPV course for multicopter
- Racetrack for all models
- autogyros, hang gliders, folding engines, Flettner rotowing
- Helis, jets, multicopters, aerobatics, gliders, scale models, water flight, true scale models
- Superreal reflections and water reflections, superreal dynamic effects
- Suitable for all IKARUS-RC flight controllers or interfaces

System requirements for Windows

Minimum system requirements (recommended in brackets)

- 64-bit Win 7/8/10
- DualCore 2.4 GHz (QuadCore 3.0 GHz)
- RAM 4 GB (8 GB)
- Hard disk space: 8 GB
- Graphics card with 1 GB (2 GB memory)
- One free USB port on the PC
- For VR mode only: graphics card with 4 GB.
- The RC8 is optimized for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets (the two most common systems).

Technical data
für Sender: SimConnector
Betriebssystem: Windows
Version: mit Interface