Product number: 9768221
Manufacturer number: X3361
GTIN/EAN: 4056534042463


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Description "EXTRON FIREBALLS FIRE PROTECTION FIRE Extinguisher 1 litre"
Belongs in every hobby cellar, every car, every battery box!

When conventional fire extinguishers fail, this fire protection granulate does its job.

New and sensational. This fire extinguishing granulate is the perfect solution for safe storage and in case of fire the extinguishing of lithium polymer batteries. The cushion solution is perfect for transporting or charging LiPo batteries. When charging via the battery insert, and you already have an effective and good fire protection. When shipping LiPo batteries, simply pack them cleanly around the battery and you don't have to worry about them anymore.

With Extron fire extinguishing granulate you are perfectly prepared for all lithium fires in your workshop. If a battery should ignite, you can extinguish it quickly, safely and above all cleanly with the granulate!

The granulate is softly applied to the fire. The expanded glass granulate surrounds the fire and suffocates it. At particularly high temperatures, the expanded glass melts and spreads on the surface of the burning metal. The melt forms an airtight seal, which crusts when it cools and extinguishes the metal fire. A reflame is effectively prevented.

Extinguishing agents have the task of extinguishing burning substances, taking into account their fire class and environment. They are used by fire brigades or in automatic fire extinguishing systems. They are also kept in mobile units for self-help.

Our fire extinguishing granulate is suitable for fire loads of classes D and lithium ions. Problematic fire loads such as metal fires, battery fires, lithium fires or flammable liquids can be controlled and extinguished with the granulate without causing damage to the extinguishing agent.

The extinguishing effect of the granulate in metal fires was tested and confirmed by the MPA Dresden on the basis of a sodium and magnesium fire.

Product features
Forms a protective layer
Displaces oxygen
Environmentally friendly
Resistant to ageing
Low weight
Easy to use
Retrofittable and maintenance-free
Very good liquid binding
Acid and alkali resistant
100% inorganic Inert, low-reaction
Low weight (low landfill costs of contaminated material)
Low heat conduction
Sound absorbing
Bacteria- and germfree