Product number: 9759006
Manufacturer number: RO8249
EAN-Code: 4005697082496


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This module is suitable for connection to robbe/Futaba Multi-Switch 16 decoder, Multi-Switch-Prop 12+2 decoder (article no. ro8369/ro8370) and enables motors up to 1 A current consumption to be switched forward - stop - reverse.
The module is also compatible with older multi-switch decoders (article no. 8884/F1513) or with nautic modules from other manufacturers.

The module is delivered ready for connection. The BEC cable (item no. 67522) is recommended for connecting the motor.

Important: The transistor pole module may only be connected to outputs of the decoder where the memory function has been deactivated (observe the decoder instructions). The maximum current consumption of the connected motor must not exceed 1 A, as this is supplied with voltage via the decoder (6-12V).

After switching on the remote control system, the connected motor can be switched via the switch of the multi-switch module (article no. ro8084/ro8101) in the transmitter.
Toggle switch to the front: Motor runs forward
Toggle switch middle: engine stop
Toggle switch to the rear: Motor runs backwards
If the motor runs in the wrong direction, turn the motor connection plug by 180°.

Technical Specifications
  • Operating voltage 6-12V (via multi-switch decoder)
  • Switching current max. 1A
  • Dimensions board approx. 11x23 mm
  • Weight 4g
  • Forward/stop/reverse functions (For use with a multi-switch decoder only)

This switching module is ideal for controlling small electric motors. With a switching capacity of 1A, for example, our Micro Pile geared motors can be controlled with the forward-stop-backward functions. A multi-switch module with a suitable decoder must be used as the transmitter's encoder. Depending on requirements, a switch or button can be used. Built ready for operation.

Technical Specifications
  • Switching current max. 1A
  • Dimensions board approx. 11x23 mm
  • Weight 4g
  • Forward/stop/reverse functions (can only be used in conjunction with a multi-switch decoder)

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