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Description "R&G EPOXY RESIN L + HARDENER GL 2 3.25KG"

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Epoxy resin L + Hardener GL 2 (210 minutes), work pack

With the newly developed hardener GL 2, the proven R&G epoxy resin L has been approved by Germanischer Lloyd for the construction of boats and rotor blades for wind turbines.

Mixing ratio:
100 : 30 parts by weight resin: Hardener
100: 35 parts by volume resin: Hardener

Working time: approx. 210 minutes*.

Measured with Gelnorm® Geltimer: 100 g at 20 °C = approx. 210 minutes processing time)
(Temperature rise in the beaker from 23 °C to 40 °C at 100 ml approx. 109 minutes).

Extremely low viscosity (mixed viscosity 250 mPas at 25 °C)
Highly transparent (Gardner < 1)
Hardening from 15 °C possible
Glass transition temperature (Tg) > 85 °C (with thermosetting 70 °C / 15 h)

No brittleness with pure cold-hardening (at 20 °C)
High static and dynamic strength
This newly developed resin system is ideal for impregnating glass, aramid and carbon fibres. It offers a very good price/performance ratio and is suitable for the following processing methods:
vacuum infusion (RI)
RTM (resin transfer moulding)
    •Nasspressen•Vakuumpressen •Faserwickeln•Handlaminieren

The resin component is absolutely crystallization-free due to the bisphenol A/F basis! The resin system is cold-curing and does not develop any pronounced brittleness even at curing temperatures below 20 °C. However, in order to improve the mechanical and physical properties, we recommend heat curing at at least 40 °C for 15 hours.

Mixing table Processing times with epoxy resin L depending on the proportions of hardener GL 1 / GL 2
Both hardeners can be mixed as required. The MV 100: 30 Resin: Hardener remains unchanged.