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Description "R&G Mikon® F-57 SEPARATE SPRAY 400ML"

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Universally applicable liquid external release agent, solvent-based and with short drying times.

  • Heat resistant up to 140 °C
  • Solvent-based
  • Multi purpose-product
  • Semi-permanent: multiple releases per application
  • Raise mould temperature to increase slip effect
  • Silicone-free formulation
  • Short drying time
  • Renders time-consuming wax and polishing cycles unnecessary

The use of this product eliminates the need for repeated time-consuming waxing and polishing, as a single application allows, after some starting time that demands the frequent treatment of the mould, several demouldings.

Release spray Mikon® F-57 forms a monomolecular film that adheres to the mould and does not show any affinity to the moulded parts.

Release spray Mikon® F-57 is silicone-free and suited for the purpose of the processing of thermosets like polyester (cold and hot moulding), epoxy and phenolic resins. In particular, when the processing takes place at elevated temperatures (> 50 °C), flawless results are obtained.

Release spray Mikon® F-57 should be shaken prior to use.

Prior to the first application of release spray Mikon® F-57, the moulds have to be cleaned thoroughly from residues of dirt and former release agent. The next step is to apply release spray Mikon® F-57 as an even, thin film and allow it to dry. After a short flash-off time of 1-2 minutes, the mould surface can be polished with a lint-free cotton cloth to a high gloss finish. Repeat this procedure 4-5 times at new moulds. Before starting the production, ensure that the film is absolutely dry.

  • 25-30 g/m²

Please note:
If used in the processing of prepregs, we highly recommend doing preliminary testing, due to the often high pressure used there is a risk that the release agent is going to be damaged mechanically. Thus, the demoulding can be made difficult or even impossible. The same applies to press-moulded parts (mould and counter mould) when processed with high pressure.

Important note on substrates:
This product contains solvents based on hydrocarbons (see under Additional Information --> Safety Data Sheet). It also contains a small amount (< 2 %) of aromatic hydrocarbons. Some surfaces made of plastic (e.g. polycarbonate, Plexiglas®, various varnishes, putties) are dissolved by it so that an impression cannot be taken. It is essential to check this before use, either by referring to resistance lists for the materials or by carrying out a preliminary test.

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