Seagull Models ( SG-Models ) Supermarine Seafire 65" 20cc MIT Retractable undercarriage, ARF, Warbird, matt

Product number: 9791737
Manufacturer number: SEA116NGear
GTIN/EAN: 9010189244585


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Description "Seagull Models ( SG-Models ) Supermarine Seafire 65" 20cc MIT Retractable undercarriage, ARF, Warbird, matt"
Supermarine Seafire 65" im matten Farbfinish. Werksseitig vorgesehen für das elektrische ER-120 90° Einziehfahrwerk mit Alufederbeine und 3“ Gummiräder und Alufelgen.
  • neuer Rumpfdeckel zum einfacheren Wechsel des Flugakkus bei Version mit Elektroantrieb
  • GFK-Ruderhörner
  • Matte Farbgebung für gesteigerten Realitätseindruck

"Seagull-Models" / "SG-Models" are inexpensive models mostly made of wood with an excellent price/performance ratio! The product line includes many beautiful and unusual aircraft types that bring variety to every airfield. Almost all models can be used with both combustion and electric drives. The required accessories are included in the scope of delivery for these models. All models are supplied with comprehensive, illustrated and easy-to-understand English assembly instructions. The high degree of prefabrication enables a short remaining assembly time. All models are subjected to extensive flight tests before series production and therefore have very good flight performance.

Technical data
Wing-span (mm): 1640
Flight weight approx. (g): 5500
Control: H,S,Q,M,LK,EZFW
Length (mm): 1280
Manufacturer: SG-MODELS
Fuselage: Wood
Wings: Wood/rib construction
Rec. engine: 15-20ccm
Flight Skill: Professional
Build Skill: Advanced
Drive Type: Combustion
Box contents
  • Model in ARF timber construction, fully covered
  • GRP engine hood painted
  • electric retractable gear (ER-120 90°)
  • Shock absorbers
  • PU wheels with aluminium rim
  • separate motor carrier for electric drives
  • Small material for rudder linkages etc
  • Tank
  • Pilot figure
  • GRP Rudder Horns
  • Bombenattrappe
  • Aluminium pipe Flat connection
  • Spur gear
  • Assembly instructions in English