JTA Innovations SLICK (RED /white) 33" EPP 3D Aerobatic Model

Product number: 9781949
Manufacturer number: A407-R/W


No longer available

Description "JTA Innovations SLICK (RED /white) 33" EPP 3D Aerobatic Model"
Inspired by the Extreme Flight Slick 580 that has proven itself over the years by winning some of the most prestigious freestyle competitions in the world, the JTA Innovations 33” Slick will provide a familiar yet fresh feel for a 6mm EPP foamy. The JTA Slick contains an extremely wide flight envelope which makes it ideal for all styles of flying. With the Extreme Flight Slick being known for both it’s super high energy capabilities, unmistakable precision, and it’s near unlimited range in slow 3D, the JTA Slick is an excellent representation of that. Transitions between these styles of flying will come at ease. Included with the proven carbon fiber construction technique developed and tested by JTA Innovations, a landing gear assembly that not only looks great but serves excellent functionality, high quality hardware, and much more, the JTA Innovations Slick is sure to withstand many flights in nearly all conditions.

  • Wingspan- 33” (6mm EPP)
  • Weight- Approximately 175-195g
  • Motor- T-Motor AM40, or AT2303 or 2304 or equivalent
  • ESC- 10-15amp (T-Motor AT12A available at JTA) or 20amp ESC for AM40
  • Servos- 7g-12g (Spektrum A3030, MKS HV6100, EMax ES08, JR E397, etc.)
  • Prop- 8”-9” (8” for 3S setup, 9” for 2S setup)
  • Battery- 350-800mah 2S or 3S depending on motor/ESC combo max cell capabilities

Note: JTA models do NOT come with assembly instructions! However, these are available in the download area!

Technical data
Wing-span (mm): 840
Empty weight approx. (g): 175-190
Control: H,S,Q,M
Manufacturer: JTA
Fuselage: EPP
Wings: EPP
Rec. engine: BL Outrunner
Rec. Battery: 350-800mah 2S-3S
Version: KIT
Flight Skill: Advanced
Build Skill: Advanced
Drive Type: Electric
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