SKYRC Q200 Charger with 4 exits 1-6S 10A AC/DC 2x100W 2x50W

Product number: 9777536
Manufacturer number: SK100158
EAN-Code: 6930460006196


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Description "SKYRC Q200 Charger with 4 exits 1-6S 10A AC/DC 2x100W 2x50W"
The SKYRC Q200 is a 4-channel charger with four independent circuits to charge four different types of batteries in parallel.

Through an active energy distribution the Q200 always provides the maximum possible power on each channel to shorten the charging time. The Q200 can also be connected and controlled by a PC and can be used for firmware updates. The Q200 can also be used as a lithium battery meter or for measuring the internal resistance. For safety reasons, the Q200 has a number of automatic safety shutdowns such as charging current limit, capacity limit, max. temperature or charging time.

Information: This device (SK100158) is the official successor to the first Q200 charger (SK100104).

Automatic power distribution
In AC mode, the available power can be individually distributed to the four outputs to ensure that each type of battery has the maximum and optimum performance during the charging process. For example at channel A = 65W and C = 35W, then channel B = 80W and D = 20W, so that the max. power is 200W.

4 individual charging outputs
The charger can charge up to four different batteries in parallel and individually from each other.

LIHV Mode Available
The additional LIHV mode is able to charge the latest generation of LiPo batteries with a final charge voltage of 4.35 Volt

Additional features

- Large LCD display
- Terminal voltage check
- Re-peak mode for NiMH/NiCd batteries
- Battery meter
- Battery Internal resistance measuring device
- PC communication: USB port for PC operation & firmware upgrade
- Smart Phone operation & display with built-in Blutooth module
- Two individual charge outputs for parallel charging of different batteries
- Supports charge current distribution in AC mode

Charge Master Software (Optional)
This allows the user to monitor the charging process on the PC, such as the battery pack voltage, cell voltage and other useful values, of course all in real time. Furthermore, the charger can be controlled from the PC via the software and the firmware can be updated.

The own APP for the charger
Smartphone control through built-in Bluetooth module (for iOS and Android) This charger can be controlled and monitored via smartphone.

- Dimensions (LxWxH): 197x182x71mm
- Weight: 1325g

Technical data
Charge current (A): 0,1-10
Chargers category: AC/DC 12V+240V
Charging current category: Up to 10A
Discharge current (A): 0,1-2 (x4)
Discharge current category: up to 5A
Input Voltage (V): 11-240
Power (W): 100 x2 / 50 x2
Rechargeable batterie-types: Lipo/Life/Lilon/NiMH/NiCd/Pb
Rechargeable cell count: 1-6 Lixx, 1-15 Nixx, 2-20 Pb