Product number: 9722335
Manufacturer number: 65111
GTIN/EAN: 4025792110658


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Sound Module Foghorn Digital Sound Module - Foghorn

True to original horn tone

These modules can be installed for additional noises. These sounds are digitally recorded from original sounds. The systems include a connection clip for a 9 V battery with on/off switch, a microswitch for servo operation and an amplifier for the loudspeaker. Everything wired ready to install.

To operate the sound module with a remote control, you need a free channel on the transmitter. This can be a switching or proportional channel. At the ready wired sound module a switch is built in which is operated by a servo. This servo is plugged into the corresponding slot in the receiver. Each time the contact of the microswitch is closed by the servo, the stored sound sequence sounds in the loudspeaker. In order to increase the volume of the sound being played, a cardboard box as a resonance body is enclosed with the module.

For further information, please refer to the enclosed operating instructions.

Technical data
Operating voltage 9 to 18 V
Dimensions electronic board approx. 24 x 51 mm
Cable lengths from electronic board approx. 30 cm
Loudspeaker 50 mm
Weight approx. 75 g

Technical data
Sound für: Schiffe
Sound oder Beleuchtung: Sound