FUTABA FX-36 Potless Plus complete set ACT 1 Transmitter battery + charger, R7008SB, Lipo transmitter battery

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Manufacturer number: 1009010


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Description "FUTABA FX-36 Potless Plus complete set ACT 1 Transmitter battery + charger, R7008SB, Lipo transmitter battery"
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The Futaba FX36 is the flagship among console transmitters and was designed for professional use in model sports. Quality and equipment meet the highest demands and leave nothing to be desired in terms of transmission reliability, functionality and operability.

The extensive telemetry functions are identical to the well-known T18MZ and T14SG systems. Futaba's best cross stick segments ST-57 (as in T18MZ) with contactless, wear-free Potless sensors are used for the control.

The system includes all known modulations such as FASST, FASSTest, T-FHSS and FHSS. The menu navigation is clearly structured and can be quickly operated via the large, color touch screen. In addition to the familiar functions of the T-18MZ, a multi-copter menu and 9-language menu navigation have been added. The integrated SD card slot for storing model data and updating software for future, new applications makes this system future-proof.

The high-quality transmitter housing impresses with its workmanship and lies perfectly in the hand. The ergonomically arranged switches and encoders allow fatigue-free operation. The set includes 2 aluminium joystick extensions for adjusting the control ergonomics.

The FX36 can directly convert data from FX22, FX30, FX32, T12FG, T14SG (without PC converter), model data from T16SZ, T18SZ are directly compatible. With the model data converter V2.2 from our download area you can convert the data from T18MZ to FX36 on your PC!

Potless joystick:
If Futaba changes the proven technology with the industrial potentiometers used so far, then this has been tested and optimised over a very long period of time. For 3 years now, this technology has had to prove to Futaba engineers that not only wear-free control movements are possible, but also significant progress in resolution and linearity compared to the more than precise and proven Futaba billets with the precision potentiometers is possible. Only then are Futaba engineers satisfied and the highest customer demands are fulfilled.

Not simple magnets and transducers available everywhere, no, they must then be magnets specially optimised for Futaba applications with matched sensors, which can also be evaluated linearly over the entire path and under all conditions. And this with a resolution of more than 4096 step(s) over the entire billet travel + temperature range.
But what use is new technology if the mechanics, as is often the case with marketable products, cannot implement the actual advantages at all? This is no problem with the full-ball bearing Futaba control units, there are no more precise and torsionally stiffer billet mechanisms. This is where Futaba comes into its own in the field of plastics and materials.

  • Professional 18-channel remote control system with Potless joysticks and FASSTest & T-FHSS 2.4 GHz technology
  • Ergonomic console transmitter design
  • Professional billet segments ST-57 Potless
  • 2 embroidery switches optionally retrofittable
  • Extensive telemetry functions from T18MZ
  • New S.BUS functions
  • Model selection, internal memory for 30 models, can be extended as required via SD card
  • Model/user name up to 15 characters
  • Modulations switchable FASST, FASSTest, S-FHSS, T-FHSS
  • Embroidery fashion 1-4
  • 9-language menu guidance
  • Colour touch screen 4.3 inch 480 x 272 pixel
  • Telemetry with speech output via loudspeaker, optional headphones
  • 18 Controls: 6 trim controls, 6 switches, 2 embroidery switches (optional), 2 rotary encoders, 2 linear sliders all freely assignable
  • Graphical servo monitor for displaying all servo paths with servo test function
  • Future-proof due to update capability via SD card
  • Extensive timer and calendar functions
  • vibrating alert
  • S.Bus port with power support, for programming and registration of S.Bus products
  • 8 flight states per model memory like T18MZ, can be combined with logic function
  • 10 free programmers
  • AFR 3 modes, up to 17 points
  • 13 wing types, 3 tail units, 8 swash plate types are available
  • Fully equipped helicopter menu with swash ring, governor, servo travel and speed compensation, gas limiter
  • 3 curve modes for gas/pitch, up to 17 points possible
  • Fully equipped glider menu with 13 wing types, 3 tail units
  • Wide range of mixers for gliders and engine models such as T18MZ
  • Freely configurable teacher/student channel assignment, single or mixed operation

Technical data
Kanal.: 18/8/2/A
Box contents
  • Sender FX36 Potless 2.4GHz FASSTest
  • Empfänger R7008SB
  • Senderakku 2S LiPo 2800mAh
  • Ladegerät 220V
  • Aluminium Steuerknüppelverlängerungen M4
  • Neutral Stopper
  • Schalterkabel mit Ladebuchse
  • Schraubendreher-Tools
  • Anleitung