FUTABA T18SZ Potless V3 + R7208SB with Lipo Transmitter battery and charger mode 1

Product number: 9797570
Manufacturer number: 9797570


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Description "FUTABA T18SZ Potless V3 + R7208SB with Lipo Transmitter battery and charger mode 1"
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Welcome to the professional class...! With the computer remote control system Futaba T18SZ all conceivable professional possibilities are open to you. The large colour touch display guarantees perfect operation of the clear transmitter software. The T18SZ supports the established transmission garden T-FHSS, FASSTest, FASST and S-FHSS. The 18 channels provide the transmitter with an almost limitless range of applications.

The transmitter is fully equipped with 6 trim sensors, 8 switches, 2 rotary sensors and 2 sliding sensors positioned at the rear. All operating elements are ergonomically arranged and can be operated perfectly in flight. The ball bearing mounted joystick units impress with their precision and unique adjustability. Each stick function also has a digital trim. The Futaba T18SZ is also equipped with an S.BUS and a headphone socket as well as a trainer/DSC socket.

POTLESS joystick
The innovative POTLESS joysticks scan the movement of the joysticks contact-free and thus absolutely wear-free. While with a potentiometer, a pickup always grinds over a carbon layer, with POTLESS joysticks there is no mechanical contact between the joystick (magnet) and the signal pick-up (magnetic sensor) during the sensing of the joystick movements.

The transmitter comes standard with professional software for motor planes, gliders, helicopters and drones (Multicopter). The menu is available in 9 languages. Model & telemetry data can be stored and firmware updates for the transmitter can be imported by the SD card reader integrated in the transmitter.

The model data from the remote control systems FX22, FX30, FX32, FX36, T12FG, T14SG and T16SZ can be read in directly and without a PC converter. Using the model data converter v2.2, the model data from the T18MZ can be converted on the PC to the T18SZ.

Go for Futaba T18SZ - Sky is the Limit...!

  • 18 channel computer remote control system
  • Potless joystick
  • Professional features for competition pilots & ambitious model athletes
  • Transmission types T-FHSS, FASSTest, FASST, S-FHSS
  • telemetry function
  • Telemetry output via loudspeaker, display or headphones
  • S.BUS connection
  • vibration alarm
  • Possibility of conversion for mode 1 to 4
  • Memory for model name & user (15 characters)
  • Menu navigation in 9 languages
  • Large colour touch display
  • 6 digital trimmings, 8 switches, 2 encoders, 2 sliders
  • Movable antenna position
  • Graphical servo monitor
  • Firmware updates possible via SD card
  • Powerful timer
  • 8 flight states per model memory
  • Logic Functions
  • 10 free mixers
  • AFR 3 modes up to 17 points
  • 13 wing types, 3 tail units, 8 swashplate types
  • Helicopter menu with Swash Ring, Governor, Servo Travel and Speed Compensation, Gas Limiter
  • 3 curve styles for gas/pitch with up to 17 points
  • Glider menu with 13 wing types & 3 tail types
  • Configurable teacher-student system with channel assignment

  • POTLESS joystick technology
  • Scanning of control stick movement without contact
  • Hi Resolution with 4.096 steps
  • More direct response
  • No measurable latency
  • Temperature stable
  • Completely wear-free
  • Perfect interaction with the double ball-bearing Futaba billet units
  • Hollow stick axes for easy cable routing of stick switches

Box contents
  • Transmitter T18SZ w. Potless joysticks
  • Receiver R7208SB
  • Transmitter battery LiFe 2100 mAh FT2F2100BV2
  • 230V plug-in charger 800mA
  • Futaba strap, orange
  • High current switch cable
  • Screwdriver tool
  • Manual in German language