Product number: 9761570
Manufacturer number: BASIC-M


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The system is equipped with a mechanical control. The heating is equipped with an additional temperature fuse, which prevents the system from heating up above 65°C if the control system fails.

The base plate inside the case is a light grey powder-coated aluminium plate which is not electrically conductive and predominantly scratch-resistant. In addition, the edge insulation has been optimally bonded.

Technical data
- Input voltage: 12-14 Volt DC stabilized
- Power: 50 Watt at 13.8 Volt
- Standby: 17 Wh at 0 C° outdoor temperature
- Temperature: approx. 38°C on average not adjustable
- Case size: M
- Outer dimensions: 378 x 300 x 152 mm
- Inner dimensions: 316 x 232 x 50 mm
- weight: 2,2 kg
- Safety: Reverse polarity protection
- thermal fuse
- EU Declaration of Conformity CE

safety instructions
This is not a Lipo safety case!

Operation on alternating voltage leads to the destruction of the heater and the battery inside. This voids any warranty of the manufacturer.

The operation of the heater is only permitted under supervision outdoors on a non-combustible surface.
The heater is maintenance-free. It will be destroyed when opened by the user.
If the heater is opened, the manufacturer assumes no liability.
Defective batteries must not be heated in the heater, as the cells of lipo batteries in particular can explode and burn.
This heater is only suitable for use in model making.
It is only approved for use with 12 to 14V stabilized DC voltage.
Operation is only permitted when closed.
Only high-quality power supply units with sieved (smoothed) output voltage or 12V batteries are to be used.
The power source must be equipped with appropriate overload protection.