JETI DS 16 II Black Multimode Handheld 2,4Ghz Transmitter

Product number: 9777985
Manufacturer number: 80001684
GTIN/EAN: 8595245915674


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Description "JETI DS 16 II Black Multimode Handheld 2,4Ghz Transmitter"
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Please also read our safety notice:
  • 24 full-fledged control channels
  • 3 HF modules (2x 2.4Ghz, 1x 900MHz optional)
  • colour display
  • 4 model types (wing/helicopter/multicopter/functional model)
  • MP3 player
  • Telemetry processes up to 64 sensor values
  • Voice input commands optional

900MHz NG receiver system (optional)

The 900MHz Next Generation NG receiver system is suitable for the DS-12, DS-16 II and DC-16 II transmitters. It is an independent, second transmission system in a second frequency range. If this system is used, the model can continue to be controlled even if there is interference in the 2.4GHz band (e.g. from directional radio, during copter flights for TV transmissions, etc...). The 900MHz NG backup system only becomes active if this case occurs. Thus it serves essentially to extend the safety in high-quality models. Of course, this backup system can be activated or deactivated separately for each model. It is always used together with the 2.4GHz transmission system, not individually.

Transmitter hardware
  • Multimode control stick
  • Determination of stick positions by Hall sensors (without potentiometer)
  • Control travel resolution 4096 steps
  • Colour display, backlit
  • Rotatable stick agregate
  • All-aluminium joysticks/aggregates, adjustable length, ball bearings
  • internal memory
  • integrated LiIon battery for long operating time
  • battery charger
  • Aluminium carrying case
  • voice output
  • headphone jack
  • digital trims
  • Anodised aluminium housing

Transmitter software
  • 2.4 GHz DUPLEX EX
  • 24 control channels
  • customisable menu navigation
  • Almost unlimited setting possibilities
  • almost unlimited number of model memories
  • Firmware update via USB
  • ultra-fast control responses
  • power management system for longer operating time
  • PC interface
  • 4 adjustable model types (airplane/helicopter/functional model; multicopter)
  • 4 languages (EN / DE / CZ / FR)

Telemetry functions
  • Voice output of telemetry warnings and telemetry values
  • Display of telemetry data in real time on the transmitter display
  • Recording of telemetry data
  • PC transmission, storage and editing of telemetry values
  • Saving (backup) of model data and transmitter settings on the PC

Technical data
Channels: 24
Box contents
  • JETI hand-held transmitter DS-16 II multimode (delivery state mode 2, control mode very easy to change)
  • Receiver REX 10
  • Built-in transmitter battery
  • Charger for transmitter battery
  • Shoulder strap and sturdy carrying case