DELUXE Eze Tissue Antique Covering Paper 75x50xm 3pcs from 14 gsm

Product number: 9792664
Manufacturer number: BD78
GTIN/EAN: 5060243901927


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Description "DELUXE Eze Tissue Antique Covering Paper 75x50xm 3pcs from 14 gsm"
Eze tissue
For light and bright covering of balsa model airplanes
Deluxe Materials Ltd are pleased to introduce Eze Tissue, a specially developed lightweight paper.
Consisting of a special blend of naturally grown fibers and unique binders, this unique paper is not only extremely light (approx. 14 g/m²), but also has unique properties that are important for the construction of light balsa wood model airplanes and in cannot be found in many normal papers:
- exceptional lightness from 14 g/m²
- high wet strength
- Unusually high strength-to-weight ratio
- Availability in relevant colors and plaids.

Eze Tissue is easy to bond with Deluxe Materials Tissue Paste AD60 and then airtight with Deluxe Materials Eze Dope BD42.

Deluxe Materials Eze Tissue comes with useful illustrated instructions with sheets measuring 75cm x 50cm wide.