HOBBYWING Platinum Pro 80A ESC V5 3-8S 8A BEC
Product no.: 9801024
Manufacturer no.: HW30203201

HOBBYWING Ezrun MAX8 G2S Combo with 4278SD 2250kV Brushless-Set
Product no.: 9800848
Manufacturer no.: HW38020376

HOBBYWING Ezrun MAX8 G2S Combo with 4268SD 2500kV Brushless-Set
Product no.: 9800847
Manufacturer no.: HW38020375

HOBBYWING Xerun XR10 Pro WP Brushless Regler 160A 2s LiPo
Product no.: 9800808
Manufacturer no.: HW30112618

HOBBYWING Xerun V10 brushless motor G4R (2-3s) 17.5T Sensored for 1:10
Product no.: 9799750
Manufacturer no.: HW30401748

HOBBYWING Xerun 2848SD 4000kV Brushless Motor
Product no.: 9799433
Manufacturer no.: HW30401321

HOBBYWING Skywalker V2 50A 3-6S, 6A BEC
Product no.: 9799388
Manufacturer no.: HW30216400

HOBBYWING Skywalker V2 60A 3-6S, 7A BEC
Product no.: 9799387
Manufacturer no.: HW30216101

HOBBYWING Skywalker V2 20A 2-3S, 2A BEC
Product no.: 9799385
Manufacturer no.: HW30205200

HOBBYWING Skywalker V2 15A 2-3S, 2A BEC
Product no.: 9799384
Manufacturer no.: HW30205150

HOBBYWING Xerun XR10 Stock Spec Brushless ESC 100A, 2s LiPo, BEC 5A
Product no.: 9799267
Manufacturer no.: HW30112402

HOBBYWING Xerun XR10 Justock G3S Brushless Regler 60A, 2s-3 LiPo, BEC 4A
Product no.: 9799098
Manufacturer no.: HW30112005

HOBBYWING Xerun Justock Combo G3S with 21.5 Turn 2050kV for 1:10 Crawler, F1
Product no.: 9799096
Manufacturer no.: HW38020373

HOBBYWING Xerun Justock Combo G3S with 25.5 Turn 1600kV for 1:10 Cralwer, F1
Product no.: 9799095
Manufacturer no.: HW38020374

HOBBYWING Xerun Justock Combo G3S with 10.5 Turn 4000kV for 1:10 Stock,Drift
Product no.: 9799094
Manufacturer no.: HW38020370

HOBBYWING Xerun Justock Combo G3S with 13.5 Turn 3200kv for 1:10 Stock
Product no.: 9799093
Manufacturer no.: HW38020371

HOBBYWING Skywalker V2 120A 3-8s, 10A BEC
Product no.: 9799052
Manufacturer no.: HW30205450

€75.99* €78.99* (3.8% saved)
HOBBYWING Ezrun MAX6 G2 controller 200 Amp, 3-8s LiPo, BEC 8A
Product no.: 9798000
Manufacturer no.: HW30105100

HOBBYWING Xerun XR8 Pro G3 Combo with 4268SD 1900kV G3 Engine Off-Road
Product no.: 9796903
Manufacturer no.: HW38020432

HOBBYWING QuicRun 4268SL G2 2600kV Brushless Motor
Product no.: 9796814
Manufacturer no.: HW30404600

HOBBYWING QuicRun 4274SL G2 2000kV Brushless Motor
Product no.: 9796813
Manufacturer no.: HW30404700

HOBBYWING Ezrun 5690SD G2 1250kV 4pin, 8mm shaft for 1:6
Product no.: 9796811
Manufacturer no.: HW30402350

HOBBYWING QuicRun WP8BL150 G2 brushless speed controller 150A 3-6s for 1:8
Product no.: 9796810
Manufacturer no.: HW30109003

HOBBYWING Xerun Bandit Brushless Motor G4 13.5T
Product no.: 9796809
Manufacturer no.: HW30401857

HOBBYWING Platinum Pro 260A HV regulator 6-14s, 10A BEC
Product no.: 9796762
Manufacturer no.: HW30203100

HOBBYWING Platinum Pro 260A HV regulator 6-14s, NoBEC
Product no.: 9796761
Manufacturer no.: HW30203101

HOBBYWING Skywalker V2 50A 3-4s, 5A BEC
Product no.: 9796190
Manufacturer no.: HW80060442

€28.90* €30.99* (6.74% saved)
HOBBYWING Skywalker V2 80A
Product no.: 9796189
Manufacturer no.: HW80060440

HOBBYWING Skywalker V2 100A 3-6s, 7A BEC
Product no.: 9796188
Manufacturer no.: HW80060441

€55.99* €58.99* (5.09% saved)
HOBBYWING Ezrun SL 56118SD G2 650kV 4pin, 8mm Shaft for 1:5
Product no.: 9796163
Manufacturer no.: HW30402902